How to use it

Android library to simplify reading and writing to SharedPreferences, never write code like this anymore prefs.edit().putString("someKey","someString").apply()
Just create a model with wanted properties and default values like the this:
@Bulldog(name = "UserSettings")
object UserModel {
const val id: Int = 20 // Default value
const val email: String = "[email protected]"
const val likes: Long = 20L
const val isPremium: Boolean = false
const val minutesLeft: Float = 24.5F
Init Bulldog context in your application class.
bullDogCtx = applicationContext
Bulldog will generate a class from this specification with the name UserSettings. Use it like a normal object to access values, under the hood it uses Kotlin delegated properties to read and writes values to SharedPreferences.
UserSettings().apply {
id = 2
Log.d("PREFS", UserSettings().id)
Log.d("PREFS", UserSettings().toString())
If no name is specified in @Bulldog annotation, the generated class will have the name of the specification object prefixed with Bulldog

Read values

Just access object property like a normal object
Log.d("UserId", UserSettings().id)

Write values

id = 4
Log.d("UserId", id)

Clear values

Bulldog generates a clear method for each entry
Log.d("UserId", id) // Will return the default value
Bulldog also generates a toString() human readable implementation
Log.d("PREFS", UserSettings().toString())
// Ouput
// UserSettings id=20, [email protected], likes=20, isPremium=false minutesLeft=24.5
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